Lab Fume Hood

Walking fume hood are basically a bench hood that reach the floor, do allow users to walkin and out to set up equipment before and after work begins. Walking fume hood is also known as a Floor Mounted Fume hood. Our walking fume hood is designed with horizontal sliding sash , vertial sliding sash & combination sashes. Walking fume hood is specially designed for large apparatus and storage of containers that pose some hazard, but it will not to be used as a storage cabinets.

This type of a hood is also suitable for the same type of work conducting in bench top hood and distilation hood. Walking fume hood is used in pharmaceuticals,Chemicals , Bulk Drug, and oil industries for a kilolab application,processing units, distilation purpose. Our designed is based on Industy Demands , the Highest Quality Material and Latest Technology. We can also make Fumehoods as per your suitable requirements.

  • Advance Aerodynamic design.
  • PP Powder Coating Finish for better resistance to corosion.
  • Excellent smooth sash movement.
  • Vapour proof flurocent light.
  • Removable / Preset baffel provides uniform face velocity.
  • Removable access panel for maintainance.
  • FRP airfoil for better resistance to corosion(Optional).
  • Damper with Manual Adjustment Regulator.
  • Tall Interior Working Height.
  • Latics Assembly to hold the appratus.

Material of construction (MOC)

  • CRCA Sheet (Cold rolled close Annealed)
  • GI (Galvanized Iron Sheet)
  • SS304/316 (Stainless Steel)
  • Wood (Marine Ply with laminates)
  • PP (Polyproplene)

Standard Size

  • 3 Feet (L 900mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 4 Feet (L 1200mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 5 Feet (L 1500mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 6 Feet (L 1800mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 7 Feet (L 2100mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 8 Feet (L 2400mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)

Work Top

  • Standard Black Granite
  • Telephone Black Granite
  • Back Painted Glass
  • Stainless Steel 304 (SS304)
  • Stainless Steel 316 (SS316)
  • Ceramic Top
  • TRESPA-TOP LAB (Imported)

Inner Lining

  • Polyproplene (PP)
  • Fiber Rainforced Plastic (FRE)
  • Phenolic Resine (Laminates)
  • SS304
  • SS316
  • TRESPA-VERTICAL (Imported)

Base Storage Cabinet

  • Apparatus Storage Cabinet
  • Chemical/Solvent Storage Cabinet
  • Combination Storage Cabinet

Sash Arrangment

  • Vertical Rising
  • Horizontal Sliding
  • Combination of Verical and Horizontal Sliding

Utility Valves

Electrical Services

  • 6/16 amp Socket and 16 amp switch
  • 20/32 amp Industrial Socket with MCB 20/32 amp
  • 20/32 amp BCH Socket with MCB 20/32 amp
  • Flame Proof Switch and Sockets


  • Pure apoxy latics
  • MS rod latics
  • SS rod latics

Cup sink


  • Polyproplene (PP)
  • Fiber Rainforced Plastic (FRE)
  • High Dencity Polyethelene (HDPE)
  • PVC

Blowers / Scrubbers

  • Polyproplene (PP)
  • Fiber Rainforced Plastic (FRE)
  • Molded Blower

Airflow Monitor with Alarm

Temperature Indicator

Fire Extinguisher

Color Shade

  • Lista Blue And White
  • Gray And White
  • Green and White
  • Usha Beige and White
  • Orange and White
  • Brown & White
  • VIP Blue & White
  • Blue & Gray
  • Complete White