SHREYAS is not only builds "the professional's bench", our planning and design team can develop a comprehensive Lab furniture and Fume Hood system for your entire work environment.

Laboratory Planning :- The planning and design team at SHREYAS will put their efforts and experience to work and address your individual needs. Whether you need to outfit a complete laboratory from scratch or upgrade an existing facility, our knowledge and understanding will put every workbench and storage cabinet in its most efficient location. We can also work with your architect if you are in the beginning phase of a project to optimize every inch of the work area. With an unmatched choice of surfaces, paint colors and so many drawer and door combinations available, your personal preferences and needs can be met by the SHREYAS planning and design team.

Laboratory Design and Execution :- During the project planning phase each individual element is analyzed in relation to existing rooms and use destination. The development of CAD 2D – 3D drawings and rendering presentations makes the customer able to define single details of execution. The experience gained since 1984 has given skills of comprehension in laboratories processes to the company. SHREYAS offers complete and advanced know how to support customer operative requirements

Custom Product Development :- The fact that all laboratories are not analogous is well understood by us. Sometimes, Laboratories have special requirements and unique site-conditions that demand customized solutions which may have never been implemented before.We have the expertise to make any design a reality, be it as important a requirement as customized fume hoods or as minimal a need as base cabinets with special sized drawers.So we constantly incorporate new materials, methods and technologies that cater to the ever changing requirements of the modern laboratories.So we constantly incorporate new materials, methods and technologies that cater to the ever changing requirements of the modern laboratories.

Installation:- In addition to being a leading supplier of laboratory casework and related products, we have extensive experience with installations. Whether you are a research and Development Company or a medical facility, we are qualified to manage the entire installation process, from facility planning to delivery to testing, so your lab operates safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Only providing excellent furniture is not adequate for us. To ensure that your laboratory furniture is installed properly as per the guidelines and according to your expectations is of prime importance to us.

All of our installations specialists are experienced and have completed in house training. We strongly believe that good up-front planning and communication results in a smooth installation and happy customers.

After Sales Service:- Our Installation team very much effective to provide After-Sales-Service to all our valued customers. Our teams who attend to customer queries within stipulated time. Head-Service Technicians based at our Goregaon Office and monitor all installations and ensure timely Execution of the projects.