Lab Fume Hood

This fume hood is specially designed for safe and convient handling for radio active materials. The design is identical to other hood types in nearly all other aspects, except the interior and work surface. We designed radioactive fume hood with taking great care and considering two very special aspects. Firstly the interior of the fume hood is constructed such that even minute portion of radio active material can be easily cleaned from the surface. Secondly Reinforced work surface is stroang enough to hold the heavy load brick that are used to shild radio active material during work.

TO ensure the radio isotops are properly purged , the internal worksurface & interior of the fume hood are welded seamless construction with all coved corner which is to prevent absorption of radioactive materials. The interior of fume hood and integral counter top are fabricated of 304 stainless Steel , Buffed and polished toa smooth finish . This reduce the chances of chemical built up and simplifies decontamination.For easy cleaning we provide removable Baffel sysytem in SS 304. Our designed is based on Industy Demands , the Highest Quality Material and Latest Technology. We can also make Fumehoods as per your suitable requirements.

  • PP powder coating finish.
  • Advance aerodynamic design.
  • Damper with Manual Adjustment Regulator.
  • High load carring worktop surface.
  • SS 304 Seamless construction.
  • Excelent smooth sash movement.
  • Vapour proof flurocent light.
  • SS 304 Removable baffel sysytem for easy cleaning.
  • SS304 airfoil for better resistance to corosion .

Material of construction (MOC)

  • CRCA Sheet (Cold rolled close Annealed)
  • GI (Galvanized Iron Sheet)
  • SS304/316 (Stainless Steel)
  • Wood (Marine Ply with laminates)
  • PP (Polyproplene)

Standard Size

  • 3 Feet (L 900mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 4 Feet (L 1200mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 5 Feet (L 1500mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 6 Feet (L 1800mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 7 Feet (L 2100mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)
  • 8 Feet (L 2400mm X D 1000mm X H 2550mm)

Work Top

  • Standard Black Granite
  • Telephone Black Granite
  • Back Painted Glass
  • Stainless Steel 304 (SS304)
  • Stainless Steel 316 (SS316)
  • Ceramic Top
  • TRESPA-TOP LAB (Imported)

Inner Lining

  • Polyproplene (PP)
  • Fiber Rainforced Plastic (FRE)
  • Phenolic Resine (Laminates)
  • SS304
  • SS316
  • TRESPA-VERTICAL (Imported)

Base Storage Cabinet

  • Apparatus Storage Cabinet
  • Chemical/Solvent Storage Cabinet
  • Combination Storage Cabinet

Sash Arrangment

  • Vertical Rising
  • Horizontal Sliding
  • Combination of Verical and Horizontal Sliding

Utility Valves

Electrical Services

  • 6/16 amp Socket and 16 amp switch
  • 20/32 amp Industrial Socket with MCB 20/32 amp
  • 20/32 amp BCH Socket with MCB 20/32 amp
  • Flame Proof Switch and Sockets


  • Pure apoxy latics
  • MS rod latics
  • SS rod latics

Cup sink


  • Polyproplene (PP)
  • Fiber Rainforced Plastic (FRE)
  • High Dencity Polyethelene (HDPE)
  • PVC

Blowers / Scrubbers

  • Polyproplene (PP)
  • Fiber Rainforced Plastic (FRE)
  • Molded Blower

Airflow Monitor with Alarm

Temperature Indicator

Fire Extinguisher

Color Shade

  • Lista Blue And White
  • Gray And White
  • Green and White
  • Usha Beige and White
  • Orange and White
  • Brown & White
  • VIP Blue & White
  • Blue & Gray
  • Complete White